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Whip Appeal Inc. supply a variety of services that include products designed by our own company brand name. Whip Appeal Inc. also supply clients with products produced according to their own specifications for their own personal interest. Our Website exhibits products that are available for wholesale purchase or customized for one individual.

 We also have items that are held in stock, please click the inquiry link on any product of your interest and submit your inquiry, please be as detailed as possible. Once we receive your inquiry, a representative will reply to you at our soonest convenience to better assist you.

About Us

Fred Neal, Former World Class Professional Boxer  and his father established WHIP APPEAL LEATHER INC. in the year 2000  supplying customized leather apparel, which consisted of jackets, skirts, suits, bags, shoes, pants and etc. according to the consumer specifications, Whip Appeal Inc, also is capable of duplicating any items produced in “any fabric material clothing product” and reproduce the same item you may require in “leather” according to any one of our 85 different colors of leather to select from.

Since then, Fred used the proceeds from his ring earnings to expand the Whip Appeal brand name by adding his own standard collection that includes: denim jeans, men dress shirts/ties, school uniforms products, team sports uniforms and work uniforms. Our products are exported worldwide, with our own company Authorized representatives, that speak on our company behalf, for the consumer better convenience of making contact with our company The term “Whip Appeal” is a street terminology.

The word ‘Whip” is defined as ‘Hooked” and “Appeal” is to attract. Combined together Whip Appeal is identified as a “Hooked Attraction.” “ Whip Appeal” is an attitude That I hope many people can adapt to source, in some area of their life capability, whereby you standout by far, beyond the average person and allow it to take them to their God Given Destiny” '



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